IT or telecom service providers can refer clients to complement their existing services with TextMeAnywhere’s free and easy to join the Partners Program.

TextMeAnywhere Partners Program

TextMeAnywhere makes customer service easier for your clients. Studies show that texts have a higher response rate:

  • 92% of adults carry a text-enabled device
  • Texts see a 209% increased response rate vs. phone calls
  • SMS messages have an open rate of 98% vs. 20% for email 
  • It takes 90 seconds for the average text to be seen vs. 90 minutes for an email to be seen, if opened at all

Get familiar with our

TextMeAnywhere partners receive $32 for every customer that subscribes to the platform.

Now until December 31, 2020, receive double the referral commission–That’s $64 per customer that subscribes!

Participants are welcome from anywhere in the world and earnings are unlimited. Join today!

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