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The Best Ways to Personalize Customer Text Messages

Contacting your customers directly by text message is a powerful way to stay in touch and create a deeper connection. Since it’s seen as more intimate than other forms of communication like email, customers expect tailored text messages and content that is customized for them. Not only will texting your

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Benefits of Business Text Messaging vs Calling

When it comes to communication, consumers expect both speed and efficiency. For this reason alone, more and more businesses are opting for business text messaging instead of calling. About 97% of consumers ignore or reject calls from businesses or unknown numbers. Text messages are quick to read, succinct, and just

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How to Send Text Messages From Your Business Number

These days, business phone systems can be complex. You can activate artificial intelligence, enable video chatting, and answer calls across devices. However, sometimes you don’t need all of the bells and whistles to communicate effectively. There are many reasons why a business might still use a landline phone, a technology

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